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Why you need to learn Japanese cooking

Japanese Cooking Food

Meta data: Cooking is a fun activity for most people. It also makes you learn about other people’s culture because food and language is the best way to learn about the culture of foreigners. We shall look at Japanese cooking in this article.

Japanese foods are comprised of both regional and traditional ones. These foods have seen centuries of political, economic, and social alternations. An example of Japanese conventional cooking food is washoku, which means “Japanese eating.”

It is made up of rice with a soup called miso. Japanese cooking emphasis the use of seasonal ingredients. However, side meals are comprised of fish, vegetables.

A prevalent type of Japanese food is seafood. This type of food is mostly grilled. However, seafood is served raw, sometimes similar to the way sushi is served.

Japanese prefer to fry their seafood and vegetables deeply. Hence, the reason these foods have the same appearance as tempura. Common examples of staple Japanese food include rice, noodles.

The most Japanese style of cooking comes from the Chinese cooking style. However, in recent t,s of West’s traditions have begun to play a role in how the Japanese cook foods. An example of a food that came due to influence from the West includes spaghetti and hamburgers.

However, the Japanese have a different way of making these foods. For example, hamburgers are mostly made with different meat than beef, which the West uses to make theirs. Japanese foods such as sushi have become a world-wide meal.

Hence, Japan moved ahead of France to own the title of the city with the highest number of 3- star Michelin restaurants – which dates back to 2018. Japan’s capital Tokyo has the most 3-starred restaurant in the world.

A dish is filled with sushi

Common examples of traditional Japanese foods

A close up of food

Japanese foods are mostly made through the combination of staple food. Often, the mixture is the main dish and side dish. Sometimes, soup is added. For example, rice is served in a separate bowl, and each main course is served on a different small plate for each share.

The traditional Japanese style of cooking forbids different meals from touching each other on the same plate. Therefore, different dishes are served on a separate container. The tradition of serving food on separate plates came from China.

Traditional ingredients in Japanese cooking

Japanese cooking is popular for its use of traditional ingredients. Popular ingredients include soy sauce, miso. Therefore most conventional Japanese foods have high salt content due to the use of these ingredients.

The use of traditional ingredients means that red meat, oils, and saturated fats are rarely used.

Cooking techniques used by the Japanese

Different cooking techniques are utilized in the cooking of each of the three of the meals cooked. Standard cooking techniques include raw, which is called sashimi in Japanese. Another method is grilling and shimmed. Sometimes food is steamed, dressed, and deep-fried.

List of common dishes

We have a list of common Japanese foods that are popular among the people of the island nation.

· Grilled dishes, known as yakimono

· Steamed dishes, mushimono.

· Sliced raw fish, sashimi

· Dishes are dressed with various types of sauce.


Japan is one of the most favored nations in the world. The country is also among the most visited places in Asia alongside China. Japan is an island nation that means the people there are known to take advantage of the sea’s availability to eat lots of seafood.

You should learning Japanese cooking techniques and common dishes to spice up your food rooster. We have looked at everyday dishes and ingredients used by the Japanese.

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