Ways to Make Your Chinese Fried Rice Easier

Chinese Fried Rice

Chinese Fried Rice is a delicious dish of stir fried rice that is generally served with various kinds of vegetables and meat and is also mixed together with other items like vegetables, meats, seafood or tofu. It can be made into a full meal by adding in additional ingredients. The Chinese would traditionally serve this rice dish as breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is usually served alone or as part of a main dish or as an appetizer. There are different types of Chinese Fried Rice dishes available for the diners to choose from.

A Spicy Rice

The Chinese use the word ‘fried rice’ as a substitute for regular cooked rice. The dish is a variation of the original ‘Chinese rice’ which is prepared by boiling rice in water and then steaming it over a very low heat in a large wok or frying pan. A wok, a small metal cooking container that can be used to cook food over the stove or to cook foods on the stove top, is the perfect vessel for frying rice.

When using a wok for frying rice, it is important that the pan is well-seasoned so that it does not produce an unpleasant taste. The best time to use a wok for cooking Chinese fried rice is after preparing the main course or when the meal is in the oven. It should be made sure that the pan is hot enough before cooking the rice, otherwise the rice will burn and be ruined.

Chinese Fried Rice for best taste
Ways to Make Your Chinese Fried Rice Easier

The Basic Elements

There are five basic elements that make up the basic Chinese Fried Rice recipe. One of these ingredients is the Chinese rice or wok. Two of them include the vegetables. The third ingredient is meat or seafood. The fourth and fifth ingredients are either eggs or tofu and the final ingredient is vegetables.

Vegetables that should be used in Chinese fried rice include broccoli, carrots, turnips, onions, cucumbers and eggplant. However, one should not limit themselves to only one type of vegetable in their recipe. Because vegetables cook so quickly, it is important that one cooks the vegetables at the right temperature so that they do not get overcooked or burned. This would ruin the good flavor of the vegetables.

Cooking vegetables in hot oil can be very messy but is absolutely necessary. In order to remove the moisture and spices from the vegetables. To help with this process, it is recommended that one should keep a food thermometer nearby. To check the temperature of the oil in the wok.

Final Steps

Chinese Fried Rice For You
Ways to Make Your Chinese Fried Rice Easier

After steaming the vegetables in hot oil, mix them thoroughly. It is also important to let the vegetables soak in the oil for a while. So that the flavors can really soak in. Once the vegetables have soaked up the flavor, they are ready to be stir fried. At this stage one can start with one side of the mixture first then switch to the other side. It is also essential that one stir constantly to avoid burning.

Another thing to note is to stir constantly. So that the vegetable does not stick to the sides of the wok. It is also important to stir just enough. In order to loosen the starch build up that is stuck to the sides of the wok.

Final Say

When the side with the vegetable is done, one can then add the meat and then the vegetable. Stir fry until the vegetable is coated with the oil. When all the vegetables are coated, add the meat to the stir fried mixture. Stir just enough to ensure that the meat is coated well. Continue to stir until all the meat is covered with oil before turning to the other side.

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