Vintage Japanese Dishes You Must Try At Least Once

Vintage Japanese Dishes

Vintage Japanese Dishes You Must Try At Least Once

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Passing on Japanese food is the stupidest thing an individual can do. Especially when you are in Japan, be sure to eat the following traditional dishes. In this article, learn about what to dine on to enjoy Japan’s rich washoku food culture completely, from sushi to miso soup, unagi eel, soba, udon, rice balls, and so much more!

The Must-Try Traditional Japanese Dishes

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There are several types of Japanese dishes and local specialties you can select from, but if we were to pick up some of the traditional dishes, we’d recommend you to try out the dishes below.


Sushi is the most famous & basic Japanese food around the world. It is prepared in various ways and prices, from the amusing kaiten-sushi (conveyor belt sushi), where tourists can enjoy sushi for a fair price of about 100 yen per plate, to high-end, long-established, conventional Edomae sushi (Edo-style sushi) where you will sit at a peaceful counter to eat as the sushi is prepared right in front your eyes.

It is a dish that contains pressed vinegared rice with a piece of raw fish or shellfish, called a neta, on the exterior. Sushi is commonly eaten with soy sauce and wasabi, but those who don’t enjoy wasabi can ask for “Sabi-suki” (meaning “without wasabi”).

Unagi – Grilled Eel

The second dish on our list is Unagi or eel. It is a fish that is found mainly in rivers. In Japan, it is a delicacy, particularly in high-class Japanese dining. Numerous casual restaurants specialize in unagi dishes. At unagi bistros, you will be eligible to enjoy kabayaki, where the unagi is put on skewers and grilled with a particular sauce comprising soy sauce, mirin, sugar, and sake.

Also, Hitsumabushi, a special dish from Nagoya, is another popular traditional dish. Its image may surprise people (cut-up kabayaki on top of white rice), but it can be consumed in different ways, such as with sauces like green onion and wasabi, or as ochazuke by sprinkling warm green tea or broth over it. Unagi is also valuable as healthy food to stave off summer heat exhaustion for its protein and because it is good for digestion.


Sashimi is undoubtedly a must-try food. It is quite similar to sushi, but sashimi is raw fish sliced into easy-to-eat pieces without the rice. The good quality of the fish caught in Japan’s in various areas makes it an incredible option if you stay in Tokyo or anywhere else.

You can moreover try eating clams, uni, or sea urchin, and salmon roe. Find out what fish and seafood you prefer the best by ordering a variety. Sashimi is generally eaten with soy sauce for seasoning. You can also subtract a drop of wasabi to the top of the sashimi for excess heat, but it is not needed. Distinct varieties, like horse mackerel, will be given with ginger instead of wasabi.


Whether or not you visit Japan, do try eating Japanese cuisine at least once in your life; otherwise, you’d miss out on a great thing. These were just the basic dishes; in case you like them, you’ll be able to discover many diverse dishes of Japan that are authentic and taste amazing.

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