Common Ingredients Used In Chinese Food -

Common Ingredients Used In Chinese Food

Famous And Common Ingredients Used In Chinese Food

So, what do the Chinese eat? As everybody knows, people in China are fond of different varieties of food. Chinese food includes different ingredients. This rightly reflects in the saying that the Chinese eat everything with four legs, excluding tables and everything that flies, excluding airplanes.

Famous And Common Ingredients Used In Chinese Food

Staple Foods In China

The staple foods in China include:


Rice is an essential staple in China. The Chinese love to have rice with almost everything. It is generally grown in the southern part of the country. People make use of rice for producing beer and wine. It is a popular food used in different preparations. A famous dish made of rice is Yangzhou fried rice.


They are the basic staple food. These are a popular delicacy in Northern China. These are generally made of rice flour, wheat flour, and bean starch. You can have noodles in soups, and as stir-fried along with eggs, veggies or meat.


Bean curd or tofu is made from water, curdling agent and soy milk. It contains very little fat and is rich in its content of iron, calcium, and protein. Tofu has been the staple food of Asia and China since ancient times. Recently, it has become a common ingredient in Western vegan preparations. It is served in salads, stir-fried foods, and soups. Ma Po Tofu is a famous Chinese dish.

Poultry And Meat Ingredients

The Chinese consume all kinds of animal meat like mutton, chicken, beef, pork, pigeon, duck, and various others. A commonly and extensively consumed meat variety in China is pork. You can find this in every preparation. Pecking Duck is also a popular duck preparation in China. Every part of an animal is consumed, be it skin, meat, blood, entrails, or fat. The Chinese do not have raw meat of any kind. They cook meat in different ways like poaching, stewing, boiling, stir0-frying, roasting, pickling, and baking. People in the country also consume eggs on a wide scale. They eat the eggs of dicks, chicken, pigeons, quails, and geese. Eggs are boiled and steamed in soups while fried with veggies like cucumber, tomatoes, green chilies, green onions, and chives. Food enthusiasts in China make different egg preparations.

Famous And Common Ingredients Used In Chinese Food

Leafy Vegetables

Generally speaking, vegetables are a fundamental part of Chinese cuisine. The people of this country love to have vegetables, especially the leafy greens. They eat veggies in varied forms. They even preserve them and consume as snacks. Common vegetables that the Chinese love to have are spinach, cabbage, lettuce and cauliflower along with other dark and leafy greens. Veggies are generally stir-fried with condiments and sauce. You can also use them as raw in pickles and salads.

Ingredients Used For Seasoning And Flavor

Garlic ginger, spring onions, and coriander are the common ingredients used for seasoning Chinese food. They also help in adding flavor to several dishes and recipes.

Sauces and pastes are quite common in Chinese preparations, and this is the reason why there are different varieties available in this category.

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