Two Most Popular Japanese Dishes -

Two Most Popular Japanese Dishes

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The Japanese have always loved their noodles. In this article, we will discuss two common Japanese foods that have become world famous. When you travel to Japan, you can easily find these noodles being sold on the streets. Here is a brief description of the two.

Udon Noodles

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Topping the charts in the best gourmet cuisines presently are the famous Udon Noodles hailing from Japan. Japanese cuisine would be incomplete without  the famous ‘Udon Noodles’. Dating its origin back to the 12th century, Udon is a type of thick wheat flour noodle. It is often served cold in summers and hot in winters. Cold Udon, Udon salads mixed with eggs or chicken are some of the popular Udon dishes served in Japan.

The velvety texture and flavorful soup of the Udon noodles are making them quite popular in the world lately. This popular Japanese noodle is also sold as Instant Noodles with different seasonings. Radish, cabbage, shredded chicken, eggs and scallions are often the buddies that gel perfectly well with Udon noodles. Its broth is flavored with dark or light soy sauce rendering it the quintessential Japanese flavor.

It’s delicious flavors and healthy ingredients have made this dish a gourmet cuisine which is slowly stretching out to other countries apart from Korea and China. There are various health benefits of Udon noodles. These aide in digestion, improve immunity, help in weight loss and many more. Though majorly steamed and served with soup, these can be stir fried too. 

So next time, you get that small hunger craving, indulge yourself in chewy and delightful udon noodles swimming in a sea of aromatic flavors. 

Ramen Noodles

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Ramen is one of the most-sought after meals for students living in a college dorm or for bachelors. This Japanese-style noodle dish contains noodles, shredded vegetables, broth and meat. Japan has a lot of street ramen noodle stands serving freshly made ramen. Every town in the city have their own different variations of this dish. 

Ramen noodles became more popular in the 1958, when they were introduced as instant ramen noodles by the company Nissin Foods. This dish became highly popular, not only in Japan, but also across the globe, because it could be made by just adding boiling water. This ready-made ramen noodle packet is very inexpensive. It provides basic nutrition on a limited budget and hence is more preferred with struggling students or poor people. 

Ramen is a Japanese cultural icon. Japan also opened a Ramen museum in Yokohama in 1994. The museum showcases the Nissin Cup Noodles factory where visitors get a chance to make their own noodles and take it home. Visitors can also design the packaging, flavors and a choice of four ingredients. A Ramen Lapel Pin costs $5, which is equal to a week’s supply of ramen noodle meals!

Today, Ramen noodles are sold the world over in different flavors and variants as per the tastes of individual countries. For examples, top ramen is sold in Indian curry flavor for the Indian market and palate in India.

These two are the common Japanese noodles in the world that you must tray when given a chance.

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