Top Japanese Dishes You Should Try

A close up of a bowl of food

Japan has a range of excellent dishes that are synonymous with their cultural heritage. When we hear Japanese dishes, the first set of foods that come to mind is sushi and ramen. However, there several other Japanese dishes you should try. 

There is no doubt; Japan has some of the best culinary skills in the world. Little wonder their food is quite prominent both in the Asian continent and the world at large. Their foods are a combination of aesthetics and medicine, which are prepared using some of the best recipes. 

Aside from Sushi and Ramen, which appears to be the most prominent in their dishes, there are several other local Japanese dishes that you should try during your next visit to Japan. Stay glued to this to learn more about Japanese dishes you must try.


A piece of cake

Tempura is one of the prominent local dishes in Japan. It is a combination of battered and fried fish, vegetables, and seafood. Needless to say that Japan has some of the best kinds of seafood in the world. They give special attention to the way the batter and oil is being prepared. The batter is usually ice cold, while the old is usually very hot to fry fish. Tempura is common around Tokyo. If you are around Tokyo you should try it out. 


A plastic container filled with sushi

Like the Americans have their way of making grilled chicken, so also the Japanese. They make use of a skewer for grilling the bite-sized chicken.  While preparing Yakitori, no part of the chicken is wasted. The heart, liver, and even chicken comb is used to avoid wastage. The Japanese culture frown greatly at the wastage of resources. Interestingly, Yakitori came into existence in the 17th century because, at that time, eating meat was greatly frowned upon in Japan.

Tsukemono pickles

Tsukemono pickles have been in existence in Japan since the time history started in Japan. It is one of the ancient dishes that transient into the new culture. Some of the ingredients used in preparing Tsukemono pickles include eggplant, Daikin radish, vegetables, and eggplant. In most cases, Japanese fruits like ume plum. Tsukemono is not only an ancient alluring dish. It is also very healthy for consumption.


Kaiseki is also one of the ancient Japanese meal. It started during the traditional tea ceremony in Japanese. During this festivity, people will be served with little food with bitter green tea. In no time, what started as a form of festivity evolved into a viable course meal in Japan. 


Udon is one of the most prominent foods in Japan. Due to its unique style and delicious taste, it is well appreciated by all and sundry both within the shores of Japan and outside the country. It is made from a combo of sense and chewy noodles that was made from wheat flour. It can be served hot or cold.

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