The Yummy And Famous Doria Japanese Food Recipe

Doria Japanese Food Recipe

Doria is a Japanese rice casserole dish that comes with a creamy sauce. The dish is a western-style one and is very similar to baked gratin. The food doesn’t look Japanese but is from Japan and many youngsters and old people love the food. The invention of Doria came from a swiss cook in the early 1930’s. The serving of the food is in a rice casserole with shrimp, topped with bechamel cheese and sauce.

The Origin of The Name Doria

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Doria is not a Japanese name and it came from a famous Italian navy general. Many Japanese people do not know the origin of the name and they do not have to worry about it as long as they can taste the yummy Doria. Now Doria is somewhat known to people of different countries thanks to the internet. Doria is often served in many restaurants for many years and is a lovely food according to the Japanese.

Different Variations of Doria

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There are many variations for Doria and there is no one right recipe. Most people use steamed rice with creamy sauce, while others use Pilaf as rice. Traditional Doria comes with shrimp and one can use chicken, or grounded beef also. It depends mainly on the choice of the diner and there is no strict recipe. Another popular combination is fried rice flavored with ketchup. You can experiment with it at home.

Is Doria Unique To Japan?

One may not see Doria outside Japan and is a very unique Japanese dish. If you are outside of Japan and want to have Doria, try making it in your home. Most people are unaware of it and it would be great to taste something new and delicious from the comfort of your home. The dish can be made easily and can be used for lunch or dinner as per the convenience and is a great choice for functions and parties.

Ingredients In A Doria Recipe

The Doria recipe includes butter, shrimp, brown onion, mushrooms, steamed rice, salt, white pepper, and ketchup. Ingredients for bechamel sauce include butter, flour, milk, salt, white pepper, and cheese. Although this is the traditional ingredients, additional items can be added according to the interest. With Doria, one has the freedom to try different ingredients and find the taste that suits.


Doria is a famous Japanese dish that is common in almost all restaurants and homes in Japan. The dish is easy to make and there is no particular recipe for the same. The dish is a very ancient one and is believed to have its origin from an Italian navy general. It is a comfortable dish for both the young as well as the old. People outside Japan are mostly unaware of the dish and it would be popular outside also.

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