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A Budget Friendly Takoyaki

Takoyaki: A Budget-Friendly Takoyaki Maker for Home

Let’s talk about takoyaki!  Does this dish sound familiar? You might have friends who traveled from Japan and talks about it.  Then suddenly you start to wonder how it tastes like.  If this flare-up your curiosity then read along to know more about this great food.

Takoyaki: A Budget-Friendly Takoyaki Maker for Home
Takoyaki: A Budget-Friendly Takoyaki Maker for Home

The good news is, you don’t need to go to Japan just to have a taste of Takoyaki.  You can make it at the comfort of your home with the help of a reliable takoyaki maker.  But if you want to get a feel of the authentic Japanese takoyaki then we will not stop you from flying to Japan.  We heard the best place to try takoyaki is at Osaka, where its originally from.

With the help of the internet and online shopping, getting a taste of takoyaki is not impossible at all.  There are lots of easy-to-make takoyaki recipes online.  All you need to have is a takoyaki maker and all the necessary ingredients for making it.

We know trying something new is a bit challenging, but you’ll never know.  So, why don’t you try making takoyaki, and who knows you might be good at it.  But first, let us share with you quick details about takoyaki.

Where does takoyaki come from?

Takoyaki is well-known street food in Japan.  It originated from Osaka in the year 1935 during the second world war, when there was a shortage of rice.  During this time, food using wheat-flour as a substitute for rice spread all over Osaka.  This idea leads to the invention of takoyaki.  Since then, takoyaki has conquered the taste buds of the Japanese and became known all over Asia and other countries as well.

What exactly is takoyaki?

Takoyaki is cooked in a hot plate designed with hemispherical molds.  Batter mixture, spring onion, ginger, and diced octopus are the main ingredients for preparing this mouth-watering dish.  A special metal poking stick helps in shaping the mixture into a bite-size spherical snack.  It only takes around 15 minutes for the takoyaki to be cooked.  To add a balance of flavor, the finished product is savored with special takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise.

Since takoyaki is a staple in Japanese cuisine, most family in Japan keeps a takoyaki maker at home.  Using the right kind of takoyaki maker will give you just the right amount of crispiness in the outside and creaminess in the inside.  To give you an idea on how it tastes like, just imagine eating a crispy doughnut that is half- cooked in the middle with a paste of hot calamari squid.  Interesting right? 

Now that we have all of that covered, here’s a budget-friendly takoyaki maker you can start off with.  Read on to find out how it can help you practice your takoyaki making skills.

Takoyaki Pan Octopus Ball Maker

This takoyaki maker is ideal for beginners because it is portable and convenient to use. Just plug it and switch it on then your good to go.  Having your own takoyaki maker will allow you to experiment on flavors and ingredients. 

Takoyaki Pan Octopus Ball Maker

Takoyaki Pan Octopus Ball Maker

Important features:

  • Can make 18 yummy takoyaki in one cooking
  • The plate is made of non-stick material
  • No need for oil, just pour out batter mixture
  • Very easy to clean
  • Has a single on and off switch
  • Has an automatic shut-off function when plate overheat
  • Dimension: 28.5 x 27.5 x 7.5cm
  • Plug types: US, EU, and BS

We know becoming a pro doesn’t take overnight.  But with a takoyaki maker like this, there’s definitely lots of room to grow.  You may also search for other dishes with the same method of cooking to repurpose this tool.  If you’re confident enough, invite your family and friends over for a fabulous takoyaki party.

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