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Oshima Japanese Cuisine

oshima japanese cuisine

The Oshima Japanese cuisine is world-famous for its delicious and authentic Japanese taste. The cuisine items are carefully selected from Japanese food. Here are some items from Oshima Japanese Cuisine.

Special Bento Box Combo

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They serve a Special Bento Box combo with options like Chicken Teriyaki, Beef Teriyaki, and Salmon Teriyaki. This is served with Miso soup, house salad, Gyoza, steamed rice and a choice of California roll (4 pieces), Spicy Tuna Roll (4 pieces), Shrimp Crunchy Roll (4 pieces), and Tempura of 1 Shrimp and 4 vegetables. 

Special Rolls

The special rolls like the Washington Roll is made from crab, avocado, cucumber and fresh Salmon on the outer. This one is priced at $7.95. The Hawaiian Roll is available for $8.50. It has crab, avocado, and cucumber in the inside and fresh tuna on the outer. The Rainbow Roll is available for $8.50. It has a filling of crab, Avocado, Cucumber inside and five different fresh Sashimi on the outer. The Alaskan Roll is available for $8.50. It has spicy tuna, shrimp, avocado on the inside and fresh salmon on the outer.

They also have other rolls like the Shrimp crunch roll, Las Vegan Roll, Monster Roll, Catapillar Roll and the Genki Roll. The Baked spinach roll, baked lobster roll, Lynwood roll, Sexy roll, dragon roll and the Elvis roll are other all-time favorites. 


They have a huge choice of sushi and some special sushi combos as well. You can club sushi with any rolls. You can also have plain sushi. You can also order Sashimi/Sushi combos. 

Udon Noodles

They also serve udon noodles with rolls combo. Topping the charts in the best gourmet cuisines presently are the famous Udon Noodles hailing from Japan. Japanese cuisine would be incomplete without  the famous ‘Udon Noodles’. 

The velvety texture and flavorful soup of the Udon noodles are making them quite popular in the world lately. This popular Japanese noodle is also sold as Instant Noodles with different seasonings. Radish, cabbage, shredded chicken, eggs and scallions are often the buddies that gel perfectly well with Udon noodles. Its broth is flavored with dark or light soy sauce rendering it the quintessential Japanese flavor.

It’s delicious flavors and healthy ingredients have made this dish a gourmet cuisine which is slowly stretching out to other countries apart from Korea and China. There are various health benefits of Udon noodles. These aide in digestion, improve immunity, help in weight loss and many more. Though majorly steamed and served with soup, these can be stir fried too. When you come to Oshima Japanese restaurant, you must try their Udon noodles. You can also take it with a roll of your choice.

The Oshima Japanese cuisine restaurant in the United States ensures that all the Japanese living here need not miss their authentic and regional dishes. This places definitely serves some of the best Japanese delicacies you have had.

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