Make Your Next Dish More Delicious Using Japanese Rice Bowl Dishes -

Make Your Next Dish More Delicious Using Japanese Rice Bowl Dishes

japanese rice bowl dishes

What is Japanese rice? Japanese rice bowl is Kansai (coloured brown rice) also called Tenpura in Japan. Japanese rice bowl is made from a mixture of brown rice along with a variety of vegetables like asparagus, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms etc. serve with soy sauce and wasabi, a Japanese sweet made from rice vinegar and wasabi.

Mix Of Various Japanese Dishes

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What is Japanese rice bowls? Japanese rice bowl is also known as tenpura in Japan, is a meal consisting of a mix of various Japanese dishes, which may include Japanese vegetable, sushi, meat, seafood, chicken, beef, vegetable etc. Typically, this dish is served during late afternoon tea time and is served in a small wooden bowl with a spout for the drinking of sake or water. The course usually consists of spicy Japanese food, such as okonomiyaki, tofu, chicken, beef, seafood, vegetable, cheese, soup and many other items.

What is Japanese rice bowl dishes? In contrast with the western style dining table where we have many courses, Japanese rice dinner is usually served with one food item, either meat or vegetable, and is usually small in size. This type of meal is served with few utensils, which is characteristic to the oriental concept of dining. Donburi, the Japanese word for the small bowl is used when referring to this type of meal. Donburi means “buffet” in Japanese. In many parts of Japan Donburi is a sumptuous dish prepared with a number of different foods.


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Some of the popular foods included in Japanese rice bowl dishes include kabutonsu (traditional chicken dish), futomaki, mochi, and pickles. Kabutonsu is fish cooked in a vinegar and sake mixture while futomaki is cream-filled tofu with Japanese Mayo. Mochi is a red bean cake filled with white sweet potatoes that has been cooked in a tahini sauce. Pickles are small cucumbers that are pickled and are often served along with a few small slices of raw tomato.

Steamed rice is also popular in Japan, although it differs from the Chinese version of the dish as steamed rice is not typically covered in sauce. Instead, it is covered in a light sweet soy sauce that complements the tender meat and seafood. Some versions of the classic Japanese steamed rice consists of a mixture of furikake and shiitake mushrooms, which give the dish its sweet taste. This is then accompanied by a light gravy made from ginger and white wine. The light flavor of the sauce makes this filling complete.


Miso is another popular sauce for Japanese rice bowls. This traditional yellow sauce is made from brown vinegar, sugar, and spices such as ginger root, garlic, anise, and mirin. The exact origin of this type of sauce is uncertain, but it is usually a combination of sake and mirin. One of the most popular moussaka sauce is shabu-kaji, which is based on a traditional vinegar-based sauce of shabu, kaji, or amoebae. This type of sauce is sometimes combined with ginger root to make a sweet miso that complements the meat perfectly.

Summing Up

The perfect way to enjoy donburi is with a delicious bowl of steamed rice that is covered in the delicious sauce of your choice. There are many different types of donburi dishes that you can find when shopping in a Japanese market. Make sure you shop in the hot, open air market and don’t be afraid to experiment with new foods. One of the best things about Japanese cooking is that it is done right in front of you. That means that if you enjoy eating a delicious meal, you can simply take a seat, place your feet up, and enjoy watching the chef as he creates your next meal. Steamed rice with a delicious dipping sauce is a great way to end a wonderful meal in Japan.

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