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Learn The Traditional Japanese Cuisine

typical japanese dishes

Then followed by the fish, in some cases. Japanese people usually eat for two hours, but it can be in one sitting. In some cases, they eat for three hours.

In typical Japanese dishes, you will find different courses like sushi, sashimi, chicken, beef, seafood, vegetables, etc. Ramen is a soup made of beans and buckwheat. Normally, in a ramen meal, rice, vinegar and shoyu are boiled together. Western-style traditional ramen soup is typically served with few vegetables.


A woman cooking food in a pan on a stove

Sushi is another common food in typical Japanese dishes. The basic ingredients of sushi are nori, fish, carrots, avocado and seaweed. In sushi roll, nori is wrapped around the fish. It is then cut into strips and deep-fried. Usually, the ingredients of sushi are ground, mixed and seasoned before being cooked.

Another common dish in typical Japanese dishes is seafood. Some popular fish species include salmon, tuna, trout, koi, mail, etc. In seafood curry, spices such as ginger, garlic and seaweed are used. In the west, seafood curry is rarely eaten. In Japan, however, it is a widely accepted food.


A close up of sushi

Lastly, meat is also found in most of the Japanese menus. Sashimi is fish or shellfish that is cut thinly. It can also be prepared in many ways. Dishes made with sashimi include items such as sushi, roe, and other fish cuts. Ramen, a type of noodles, may also be served along with meat.

Noodle soups are also one of the most popular Japanese dishes in the western part of the country. A traditional type of noodle soup is spicy and flavored with ginger, garlic and various spices. Japanese ramen is spicier and more delicious than its tofu version. It is usually mixed with seafood, chicken and meat to make it healthier.

Bancha Ramen

One of the most traditional Japanese dishes is bancha ramen. It is also known as spinach soup or cabbage soup. This soup is made by mixing vegetables like cabbage and fresh mushrooms.

Japanese dishes also include seafood and meat. Most seafood is cooked in vegetable stock and ingredients are always boiled. Ramen is a bowl-like dish that contains meat, vegetables and various kinds of noodles. Chicken is used for its protein. Vegetables and seafood play a vital role in typical Japanese recipes.

A Sweet Seaweed Topping

Another staple of typical Japanese cuisine is sushi. Sushi is either prepared on a sushi roll or in other words, dipped in a sweet seaweed topping. There are various types of sushi available today. The basic recipe of sushi has rice mixed with ingredients such as wasabi, shiitake and various kinds of pickled in vinegar or wasabi. There are western-style sushi as well as traditional sushi.

Rice is typically served alongside the dish while it is being cooked. When it comes to sushi, there are three different types – the sushi roll, the nigiri, and the nori. The typical Japanese dish consists of rice, seafood, toppings like vegetables, and, of course, wasabi. In many restaurants, fish, meats and vegetables are added.


Pork is another typical dish. A popular dish in many Japanese households is red bean paste soup. Although it may not be as delicious as Chinese-style cooking, it does make a great soup. The ingredients used for this dish are simple, yet delicious.

Vegetables and fish can also be found in most restaurants. But if you want to eat a complete Japanese meal, the set meal is perfect for you. Set meal usually consists of rice, seafood, vegetables and meat. If you wish, you can also include sauces, spices and condiments with your set meal.

Final Words

Tea is another popular drink in Japan. Some places serve green tea and black tea. In some cases, white tea is also served. This beverage is also served with many dishes. Whether you drink tea alone or with other ingredients, you will definitely enjoy the exquisite flavors of Japan.

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