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Japanese New Year Food Recipes That You Must Try

japanese new year food recipe

The traditional dishes that you eat during New Year in Japan are called osechi-ryori. This spread consists of a number of small dishes that represent the tradition and culture. All of these dishes are colorful and you will love the taste of these dishes. New Year means new beginnings and the dishes in this spread have auspicious meanings and symbolise a good start to the new year. 

All these dishes are stored in a container having three to four tiers and these are made before the day. Everyone is on a leave during the new year so people come together and celebrate by eating these dishes and wishing each other happiness and prosperity. If you want to know Japanese new year food recipes, then the list of these recipes is given below. All these Japanese new years recipes are simple and can be cooked at home with ease. 


Food Recipes

Kuromame is one of the most prominent dishes that you will see in osechi. The dish means sweetened black soybeans and you will find these in the Japanese stores in your country. These beans symbolize good health and you will love the taste and essence of this dish. For making this dish, the beans need to be cooked for a long time but you will not get annoyed by the wait as the dish turns out great. The cooking of the dish also represents hard work and these are the reasons why this dish is a major part of the osechi ritual in Japan.


Food Recipes

Kamaboko is a type of Japanese fish cake that is soft and chewy. You will love the beautiful pink and white colors of the fish cake. The taste of the dish is mild and the texture of the dish is unique. These cakes are made from white fish paste also called surimi that is thickened with the use of starch. It is one of the most loved food items in the whole New Year’s spread and you must try it for yourself.


Nishime is one of the classical dishes that is served at the time of New Years. You will love the way vegetables are cooked in this dish. Root vegetables are used in making this dish and it tastes amazing. The vegetables are cooked in flavorful sauces like soy sauce.


All of these dishes are served during the New Year in Japan. Over the years, the prominence of osechi has fallen as these dishes take time and people are busy these days. But people can get these dishes in the supermarket with ease and they can enjoy these during the New Years. You will love these dishes and you can find them at Japanese restaurants in your city. These dishes can be cooked at home also so you can try to make these at home.

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