Japanese Food – What Is The Original Japanese Cuisine

japanese fusion cuisine

What is Japanese fusion food? As the name suggests, it is a mixture of different Japanese cuisine parts and other foreign cuisine components. As we know, Japan is located in Asia. Therefore, whenever two regions have come into contact with one another, there will be some sort of mixture between them. In fact, this can be seen especially in cooking and preparing food.

Eat Sushi 

Japanese Food

Take for instance, sushi. Sushi is one of the most popular foods from Japan. However, because of the influence of westerners, sushi is now also known as Japanese fusion food. Hence, as the name suggests, it is a mixture of both Japanese cuisine parts and foreign cuisine parts.

Some of the famous dishes from Japanese fusion cuisine include tofu, which is considered to have originated from the city state of Sakhalin in Russia. However, when people from Japan came to Sakhalin, they started to eat whale and seaweed as part of their diet and so, tofu was born. The ingredients of this dish also contain seaweed such as kamaboko (kelp) and kuromame (ground ginger).

The Soba

Japanese Food

Another famous Japanese fusion cuisine is the soba, which is a bowl made of white flour. This dish is made from brown rice or risotto. The ingredients of this dish may include tofu, miso, and other vegetables. Another dish that is famous among these kinds of cuisines is the tempura, which is a mixture of fish and vegetables.

Japanese food has also been influenced by western dishes such as pizza. The ingredients of this famous dish may include mozzarella cheese, bacon, tomato sauce, shiitake mushroom, and other ingredients. Another famous dish that is famous among Japanese fusion cuisine is the soba, which is usually served with white wine.

The Maki Sushi

Some of the most popular Japanese fusion cuisine dishes include sushi, which is also known as the nigiri sushi or the maki sushi. Unlike the regular sushi, the ingredients of the regular sushi are not included in the regular sushi of Japan. Sushi is usually eaten with a lot of soy sauce. Nigri sushi means “fish sushi” in Japan, which is made with several kinds of raw fish.

In order to enjoy the delicious taste of Japanese fusion cuisine, one should eat it with lots of soy sauce. The sauce gives great taste to the dish and it also helps to reduce the fat content of the dish. Another popular Japanese cuisine is beef kabobs. These meat kebabs are marinated in different ingredients and are cooked on a hot griddle. It is considered as a traditional delicacy in Japan.

Summing Up

Japanese fusion cuisine is famous throughout the world. You will find people having their own version of a Japanese dish at their homes. Most people prefer Japanese dish over other cuisines. If you want to try some traditional Japanese cuisine then you must definitely try the Japanese restaurant in your area.

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