Japanese Food Recipes Desserts That You Must Try

Some of us have a major sweet tooth much to the dismay of our doctors. This sweet tooth means that you have a soft spot for pretty desserts that taste like heaven. Japan is famous for its food and there are many pretty desserts that you can try. Japanese desserts are famous all over the world because of their unusual flavors and colors.  

You can try plenty of desserts from traditional to Western while you are there. These desserts are also easy to cook if you want to eat them at home. There are some countries where there is a lack of Japanese restaurants and they have to cook food at home if they wish to try. If you would also like to try some Japanese food recipes desserts at home, we have some options. This is a list of the Japanese food recipes desserts that you can try to make at home.


A plate of food on a table

A very famous dessert all over the world. Mochi is a sweet sticky ball filled with goodness. It is a favorite among people from all over the world who have tried this uncommon dessert. The dessert is typically eaten on New Year but there is nothing stopping you from trying it now. 

You can cook this dessert as it is but the fillings add to the taste and flavors of this. All you need is some glutinous rice flour, water, and sugar to make this dessert. For the fillings, you can add some red bean paste, fruits, and chocolate or Nutella. The fillings are totally up to your taste and you can experiment with a few to see which tastes the best.

Japanese Cheesecake

A bowl of food on a plate

The Japanese cheesecake is very famous for the cloudlike fluffy texture that is not common when it comes to cheesecakes. You can think of it as something between a souffle and a New York cheesecake. It is very fluffy due to the egg whites that you will use to cook it. Avoid using too much pressure when you mix them with the batter or else they will deflate. Also, you have to cook the cheesecake in a bain-marie or water bath which makes the cheesecake very soft and moist. If you love cheesecake and you want to try a variation of it, then this one is the best one that you can try.

Mitarashi Dango

A tray of food on a table

The Dango is so famous around the world that you will see it in a number of series and anime. The Dango is also a part of the popular anime series, Naruto that people all over the world watch. You will easily recognize the sweet due to the round shape and the bamboo-stick laden appearance with syrup on the balls. The sweet rice dumpling is thought to have originated in the town of Kyoto and it is named after bubbles of the purifying water (mitarashi) of the Shimogamo shrine. You can cook it at home or you can easily spot it at any store that sells Japanese food items.


These are some Japanese food recipes desserts that you can try so that you can satisfy your sweet tooth. All these desserts are relatively healthy and do not make you feel too full. You can try these desserts when you visit Japan or simply order them online if you have a store near you. All these desserts can be cooked at home if you have the ingredients with you. 

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