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Japanese Food Recipe – Dishes That You Can Make At Home With Utmost Ease

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Bored of eating the same old things over and over again for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Well, staying at home can indeed get boring especially because of the same old home cooked foods and take outs. So, are you looking to spice up your taste buds a little bit? Why not try a Japanese food recipe?

Wondering where to get that? Well, worry not because we have some amazing Japanese food recipes that are easy to make and also a sure delight! Check them out now!

Fried Rice

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Whoever says fried rice is a luxury dish, I’d say, it was made out of necessity and is in no way a luxury. It is indeed the most convenient and effortless dish that wonderfully uses up all the leftovers thus cleaning up your kitchen and your fridge and saving you from wasting money. Besides, it is also extremely delicious, don’t ever doubt that. You can cook it in just under 20 minutes and can also store it for munching on at some other time.


Ever heard of a rice soup? Well, this dish is as interesting as it sounds. Zosui is a delicious rice soup made by the Japanese that can be cooked with almost any ingredient you have at home. Which ingredients are we talking about? Cooked rice, eggs, and any leftovers. Yes! Didn’t we say that this is as interesting as it could get?

Kitsune Udon

Another Japanese staple food is the Kitsune Udon. It is a Japanese noodle soup made using dashi broth which is topped with seasoned and fried tofu, fish cake and scallions. It is absolutely easy to make and is a filling dish. If you are worried about what kind of noodles you would have to use to prepare this dish, rest taken care of, both frozen and dried noodles would work well for this recipe. So you need not at all worry about this at all.

Miso Nikomi Udon

This is yet another Japanese noodle soup where you can use chicken and fish cake both and prepare a warm and comforting dish that you can enjoy during the winters. If you are craving for something warm at the end of a busy day or are sick and are dying to enliven your taste buds, then this is the dish you should be cooking, for sure!

All Purpose Miso Meat Sauce

Well, Miso is another Japanese staple that also turns out to be a favorite of the people who love Japanese food. So, if you are looking for a Japanese sauce recipe, the all purpose Miso Meat Sauce is the one you should try. It makes for a great side dish to go with steamed rice or even noodles.

Wrapping Up

So these were our top five picks of Japanese food recipe that you can try at home. Let us know how these worked out for you and if we should bring to you more of such recipes for you to try at home.

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