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Japanese Dishes – The Basic Ingredients of Each dish

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Not everyone will be able to experience all the delicious and mouthwatering varieties of common Japanese dishes. The truth is, there are so many dishes that you can try out in your local Japanese restaurant that you may end up having an entirely new concept of what a typical Japanese meal consists of. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to know as much as possible about the Japanese culture and their foods before trying out their creations. Some people may have heard about the so-called “Jook” or “Go” dishes, but the truth is, these are not the same as the ones listed here. In fact, they are among the most familiar Japanese foods in the country.

Know About Jook 

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Jook, which is also called “Obake” or “Bread-like” in Japan, is a dish consisting of rice. This rice is steamed until translucent. The use of seasonings such as ginger, wasabi, soy sauce, shoyu (vegetable fat), and iron makes this type of food rich in taste and full of body. For some reason, this kind of rice dish is served during the summer and on New Year’s Day. It is also used in a number of traditional Japanese dinner parties.

Go is a common Japanese dish that contains fish. The most popular fish in this dish is the salmon, however any fish that swims in the ocean may be included. Crab, seaweed, eel, shrimp, and octopus are also good choices for this dish. The use of soy sauce, ginger, wasabi, and iron makes this dish a favorite among vegetarians.


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Daisho, which means soup in Japanese, is a thick soup that is very filling. The most commonly used ingredients in this kind of soup include chicken, beef, vegetables, mushrooms, spices, and flavors. This dish is served either hot or cold. The soup is served with small pieces of raw fish. Crab, ginger, and wasabi make the soup a delightful experience.

Omamori is a common fish dish. In this dish, live orchids are steamed. The wasabi, vinegar, and shoes are the common ingredients in this dish. Omamori is usually served during summer.


Sushi is perhaps one of the most famous dishes in Japan. Sushi is delicious Japanese food that consists of a variety of fish, seafood, sea foods, and other ingredients. There are two types of sushi, dessert sushi and regular sushi. The main ingredient in sushi is fish, which is cut into small pieces and served along with various kinds of toppings.

There are various kinds of sushi that are served in restaurants. The common ingredients in sushi are sushi rice, pickled ginger, wasabi, and additional ingredients such as ketchup and avocado. In order to prepare sushi, nori is needed. The nori is rolled around the fish, and the fish are placed on top of the nori sheet so that it forms a triangle.

Summing Up

You should be able to find some Japanese dish that you might enjoy eating. If you can’t decide, you should consider looking up Japanese food online. There are sites that have entire sections dedicated to Japanese food. You can even look up pictures of different types of dishes that are served at various restaurants all around the world. You should be able to enjoy every meal that you try.

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