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Japanese Dishes – Learn the Basics

japanese dishes to make at home

There are so many different varieties of Japanese dishes to choose from that it may be difficult to choose just one. For example, if you are having a dinner party with your family, the host can prepare all the ingredients and have them sitting in his cabinet ready for his guests. The chef can then create his sushi roll and serve it to the guests. The only problem is, which one of these will be more appreciated? That’s why you need to know how to make sushi at home if you are ever given the chance.


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Sushi is a popular dish among Japanese people and there are various types of sushi that are created in every part of the country. The three main varieties of sushi are sushi rolls (sashimi), sushiachi, and nigri sushi. In addition to these three, there are also other types of sushi like miso, kaiseki, and other rice dishes. The basic recipe for any of the three is basically the same, however, depending on where it is created, it may have a few variations. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Japanese dishes that people love to eat.

First in line is the so-called, “fish cake” or, sashimi. It is also called as maki in Japan. Sashimi means fish tissue or skin. Usually, fish is not included in this type of dish. Sashimi can be served raw or grilled.

Nigri Sushi

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The next type of sushi is called, “nigri sushi.” It is prepared using some type of vinegared rice. When using rice, it is wrapped in nori, a seaweed sheet. The preferred type of vinegared rice for this type of dish is rice infused with ginger and wasabi.

Another favorite Japanese dish is oyakari or, steamed white fish. This dish is also known as, “meals in a bowl.” In this dish, white fish is steamed along with rice and other ingredients. Usually, rice is served with Japanese sea fish, which is known as, “go shi” or, white fish roe. Other ingredients used are vegetables, mushrooms and sometimes, meat. Oyakari is served either hot or cold.


The third type of sushi dish is called, “ramen.” It is a thin slice of raw fish cut into strips. Usually, it is prepared by combining rice with various ingredients, such as, vegetables, crab, meat or other components.

Fourthly, there is the “inkan” which is a fish that has been cooked and served raw. In Japanese, it is called, “inkan-zushi.” In this type of sushi, raw fish is wrapped in a nori seaweed sheet before being flash frozen. This is the type of sushi that you will find at most Japanese restaurants.

Last Words

When it comes to sushi, it can be prepared in many ways. However, most Japanese prefer sushi fresh. Fresh sushi is clean and does not contain any raw meat. If you are planning to enjoy Japanese food at home, remember to always serve your guests sushi as it is the purest form of Japanese food.

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