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Japanese Cooking Pots – All That Makes Cooking Traditional

Japanese Cooking Pots

Anyone with a love for Kitchenware will have a good understanding of Japanese kitchenware items. The segment has so much in variety that you have no idea which one to choose and which one to leave out. Especially when it comes to the Japanese cooking pots, you don’t know how many you should have in the kitchen. Let us take a look at items like Japanese cooking pots you might want to have at home.

One Handle Japanese Cooking Pots And More

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Before you get into more details, you should know that these one handle pots are called Yukihira Nabe in Japanese. It is one of the traditional Japanese cooking pots that are prepared by professional Chefs even now. You should know why. These pots are light in weight and have good heat conduction and surprisingly cheap.

If you are planning to buy two different sizes as in one should be small and the other big, then these parts should be the best. Nakao Arumi and Hokuriku Arumi are the two popular brands to buy this piece of Kitchenware. On the other hand, these parts could be weak against acid or alkali, which means it’s not suitable for western cuisine preparation. If you are keeping it on a simmer for a long time with wine on it, especially the ones with acids, it is not a very wise thing to do.

Likewise, you can also find one large pot with two handles, and it looks like the one you used to cook dishes like a whole fish. This is simply an aluminum pot with two handles, but if you would like to have a Stainless Steel material, you can buy one, and it comes with a lid. The sizing complete depends on the number of family members you will be serving when you cook.

Other Products

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Now that you have an idea of the Japanese cooking pots and some easy tips on which one to purchase, you might also want to take a look at other cooking utensils. Chopsticks make the whole Japanese Kitchenware idea authentic. Saibashi is the name for large and long wooden chopsticks, and it is for cooking purposes. If you are buying a couple of chopsticks, make sure they are 30 cm because they are comfortable to use when it is of that size.

On the other hand, you have to check out wooden spatulas, ladles, and other balls that can add to the Japanese look you are trying to recreate. Make sure you buy from the right brand because the quality is important if you would like the durability, of course. Kitchenware items are for everyday purpose and a long term investment, so make sure you invest wisely.


Well, these are specifically for people who love traditional cooking and would like to have Kitchenware that is culturally maintained from all over the world. These Japanese Kitchenware items have the cultural touch you would need, and that makes it beautiful. If you are considering changing your Kitchenware into something more traditional, then it is time for you to try out Japanese style items.

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