Five Popular Japanese Fusion Cuisine Items

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Japanese cuisine is world-famous for its unique taste and variety. While most of us are aware of sushi, there is a lot more to offer in Japanese food. Almost every person who claims to be a foodie has tried out Japanese cuisine or wants to try it. This cuisine offers a variety of flavours which is cherished by most people. Getting a little experimental with Japanese food items can be icing on the cake.

Gyukatsu (Beef Cutlet)

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It is a dish made out of beef which is deep-fried with bread coating on top. Mostly served with barley rice, cabbage, potato salad and pickles. Instead of beef, pork can also be used to make this item. The preparation should be crunchy in texture and the meat should be tender. It is a very flavourful dish yet not overwhelming to taste. 


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How could sushi not be there on the list! This is probably the most popular and loved Japanese dish of all. Sushi is basically prepared with vinegared rice, some sugar and salt, along with a variety of ingredients (generally raw). Styles of sushi and its presentation offers a lot of variety but one ingredient remains as the constant and that is sushi rice. Sushi is usually served with wasabi, soy sauce, pickled ginger and so on.


This food item often gets confused with sushi among people who are not too familiar with Japanese food. Centuries before, when sushi was not created, Japanese people were enjoying raw fish without the rice and that is exactly what sashimi is. Mostly is made out of fresh raw fish or seafood but in the modernised version, raw meat such as pork, beef, horse (known as basashi) are also being used. Veggies like bamboo shoots, avocado, tofu are also being used as ingredients. 


Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup. One thing is for sure that a hot bowl of ramen can brighten up your dull mood. No wonder this dish is loved by many all over the globe. There is a huge variety of ramen that are available in the market. People who love to eat spicy food can never say no to this dish. Ramen can be made with beef, pork, squid and so on. Toppings like bamboo shoots, green onions, corn and other veggies can be added. The soup looks like a yellowish broth and is also served with boiled eggs. 


Tempura is a Japanese dish that is deep-fried, using ingredients like seafood, meat and vegetables which are covered in a batter. Usually, the batter contains flour and eggs. It is generally served with a special sauce called tentsuyu. Tentsuyu is a traditional dipping sauce that is made out of sugar, soy sauce, mirin and dashi. It magically uplifts the amazing taste of tempura.


Japanese cuisine food items along with a fusion twist can never go wrong. With so many ingredients, different types of prepared sauce, different meats and seafood and also various vegetables, their food items are always ready to give a treat to your taste buds.

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