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Explore Some Japanese Cooking Recipes

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1. Mizuna Salad

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This is a salad made of Mizuna greens cultivated in Japan. It is made by mixing Mizuna with grilled Aburaage, a Japanese mustard dressing, and fried Tofu. It should be cooked in such a way that the crispness of Mizuna can be felt. It has green leaves and a white stalk and is cooked in Nabemono and Nimono/Nibitashi along with some meat.


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Aburaage should be fried on the pan until it gets a light brown color and becomes

crispy. Then it is to be cut into small strips. Keep Mizuna ready by washing and drying. Then it needs to be cut into small pieces of around 5 cm each.

One tablespoon soy sauce, rice vinegar, olive oil, and half a tablespoon of Japanese

Mustard Oil, Sugar, and Sesame Seeds should be mixed properly in a small bowl for the dressing and kept aside. The Mizuna and the Aburaage need to be mixed, and the dressing is to be added.

2. Buta Don

But Don is a very popular Japanese food. It consists of steamed rice, stir-fried pork, and a sauce made of soy sauce. This dish is made of the fat of pork and has soy-

garlic flavor.


First, the pork needs to be cut into long pieces. Add salt, Katakuriko potato starch, and Sake with the pork pieces, mix well, and keep it aside for a few minutes. The green onion needs to be chopped thinly and the brown onion to be sliced thinly. Keep this aside as well. Now, prepare the sauce. Add 2 tablespoons of Soy sauce and sake, 1 tablespoon of mirin, sugar, one clove, and grated garlic. Mix them well in a small bowl and keep stirring until all the sugar dissolves completely. Now, add oil to a frying pan, heat it at medium flame, add the pork mixture, and keep cooking until it gets a light brown shade and breaks apart. Then, add the brown onion and keep cooking until it gets a soft texture. Now pour the sauce mixture over the pork and the onions. Continue to cook till the sauce gets thickened. The food is ready to be served. Put the steamed rice in a bowl. Add the pork preparation over the rice and top it with chopped green onions.

Some Other Must-Try Japanese Foods

Some other Japanese foods that must be tried are Sushi, Udon, Tofu, Tempura,

Yakitori, etc.


Japanese foods are a delicacy. Japanese foods are loved by all. Japanese cuisine

has gained much popularity over time, and we can find Japanese cuisine restaurants in several other countries as well. Wagashi, Dorayaki, and sweet pancakes are some

famous sweet dishes of Japanese cuisine.

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