Discover The Japanese Cuisine History

Discover The Japanese Cuisine History

Any discussion of Japanese cuisine history will inevitably mention the influence of Chinese food on it. It’s not surprising that most people think of their favorite Chinese restaurant as the primary inspiration for the cuisine of Japan. There is a lot of truth to this and many things are connected. There is also much more to the Japanese culinary history than meets the eye.

Japanese Cuisine: Delicious And Tasty Recipes Of Japan
Japanese Cuisine: Delicious And Tasty Recipes Of Japan

As the years went by, the Japanese began to put their own spin on the traditional recipes. They took some of the food from the other countries of the world. Some of the famous dishes other countries are part of a typical Japanese meal today.

Japanese Cuisine History

The historical backgrounds of the dishes are very interesting and sometimes surprising to the untrained eyes. For example, it’s common knowledge that a Japanese meal often consists of foods like sushi, which comes from China.

Chinese Chow Mein – you may have heard of this dish at Chinese restaurants in the United States. It’s even been served at some of the fast food chains there. However, it originated from the land of the rising sun in China.

It’s an instant classic, and while it’s one of the main components of a typical Chinese dinner, it was not always so. It was only during the 18th century that Chinese chefs made dishes like this. They were quite successful and in time they became popular in Japan as well.

Japanese Cuisine

If you’re a big fan of this dish, you might have noticed that you’ve probably heard of a lot of the ingredients used before. These include chicken or beef broth, soy sauce, dried ginger, black pepper, sugar, and various types of vegetables.

While Chinese meals tend to have ingredients like these, it’s not necessarily the main ingredient and there are certain differences in the way that Japanese cuisine has these ingredients. For example, ingredients like soy sauce have a strong Asian flavor, and they’re not commonly found in the West.

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Some dishes are also very spicy and while the dishes from China have a very milder kick, the Japanese take the spice to the next level. They add so much heat that it’s almost impossible to eat them without a pinch of salt.

For some reason, sushi and tempura are also common ingredients in Japanese cuisine. It’s possible that sushi came from a place called Kobe, which is in what is now southern Japan and that tempura came from Fukuoka, a city in eastern Japan.

One last thing worth mentioning about the topic of sushi and tempura is that they actually have their origins in Yokohama, a city in northern Japan. This is where the two most famous restaurants of the world originated, namely Don Quixote and El Tazador.

Bottom Line

Interesting Japanese Cuisine History
Interesting Japanese Cuisine History

The Okanagan region in British Columbia is also a popular place for Japanese immigrants. There’s a lot of seafood going on in the area. The beautiful weather and the local produce are a perfect combination to produce some of the best Japanese cuisines ever.

So there is certainly much more to the history of Japanese cuisine than meets the eye. However, there are some interesting connections between some of the main components of Japanese cuisine and other foreign cultures.

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