Authentic Japanese Dishes That You Must Try -

Authentic Japanese Dishes That You Must Try

authentic japanese dishes

The Japanese culture has seduced the entire globe with its jaw-dropping architecture, beautiful art, sports and martial arts and of course, the fascinating gastronomy. The Japanese have acquired worldwide fame for their delectable and alternative ways of cooking and seasoning. So here are a few delicious and authentic Japanese Dishes that you can try out and the multiple health benefits that Japanese cuisine provides you.


A dish is filled with sushi

Arguably the most well-known authentic Japanese dish, around the globe, it is available in multiple versions and at numerous price points. It is basically a pressed, vinegared rice dish, containing a raw piece of fish or shellfish(called a “neta”) on top. Sushi is generally accompanied by Soy Sauce and Wasabi, but you can also ask for “Sab-Nuki”, i.e. “Without Wasabi”. You can opt for the very entertaining “Kaiten-zushi” better known as “Conveyor Belt Sushi”, the “Edomae Sushi”(Edo-style Sushi), for which you sit at a counter and eat sushi prepared live in front of you, or any of the other options of Sushi available. You can eat it with chopsticks or simply with your hands. However, ensure that when you dip the Sushi in the Soy Sauce, turn the Sushi over and apply the say to the “Neta”, rather than the rice. That prevents the rice from absorbing too much Soy Sauce and eliminating the Neta’s original taste.


A close up of food

Sashimi is top-quality raw fish sliced into thin pieces. The fish caught all across Japan, are all extremely high quality, making this a great option. Some of the most popular Sashimi are “Maguro” and Tuna varieties like “Salmon”, “Sea Bream” and “Mackerel”. “Clams”, “Salmon Roe”, “Uni” and “Sea Urchin” are also good options. You typically eat Sashimi with Soy Sauce, but can also add a little Wasabi for some added heat.


Unagi or Eeel, is a fish mostly found in rivers and the Japanese have turned it into a high-class delicacy. You can enjoy “Kabayaki”, with the Unagi put on skewers and grilled with a special sauce, consisting of Sake, Mirin, Soy Sauce and Sugar. “Unadon”, a Kabayaki dish on top of white rice, is another option for you. You get condiments with it like Wasabi and Green onions or you have it as “Ochazuke”(pouring warm broth or green tea on it). Unagi is great for your digestion.

Benefits Of Authentic Japanese Dishes

The unique dishes of the Japanese, their ingredients and cooking styles have been proven to provide a wide range of health benefits. Authentic Japanese food can be the perfect option to satisfy your tastebuds, while also boosting your health. The entire cuisine is rich in Good Fatty Acids and Valuable Proteins and you also enjoy the numerous benefits of one of their main ingredients – “Healthy Soy”. Japanese culture puts a lot of importance upon keeping the body and mind healthy. This is heavily reflected in their cuisine. For example, they believe that eating slowly and in smaller portions, while appreciating each bit, is healthier and eliminates overeating. Traditional and authentic Japanese food servings are arguably half of that in the Western World and much healthier in comparison to numerous locations around the world.

Summing It Up

The Japanese tend to use native ingredients and create dishes that you won’t find anywhere else. So when you try authentic Japanese dishes, you are ensured a completely different and extremely satisfying experience, which also provides you numerous health benefits.

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