A Little Bit of Rock Japanese Cuisine

rock japanese cuisine

If you love rock & roll and Japanese cuisine, then you will love Tokyo’s trendy Roxy Hotel. The Roxy Hotel Tokyo is a five star luxury hotel that offers fabulous cuisine, exciting music and a cool vibe. With a location in the heart of Tokyo, the Roxy Hotel Tokyo is the perfect escape from the fast paced, concrete jungle of central Tokyo. You’ll be whisked away to a quiet oasis away from the bustle of city life, where you can relax, recharge, and have fun in the lap of luxury. Here are some of our favorite things to do at the Roxy Hotel Tokyo:

Buffet Style Dining With Unlimited Choices

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Enjoy the buffet style dining with unlimited choices of either Japanese food or Western cuisine. The Roxy features a special rock bottom buffet that is perfect for larger groups. The unique rock bottom buffet allows diners to order from a long list of their favorite Japanese dishes or from a simple list of items with the option of making a special order. The Roxy Restaurant offers an extensive list of seasonal specialties as well as some traditional Japanese dishes.

Enjoy the famous rock bottom sushi bar. Sushi is a trademark of Japanese cuisine, but it’s also one of the easiest dishes to prepare and enjoy. When placed on a hot plate, with just the right touch of melted cheese and or ginger sauce, the rock-hard rice is ready to dig in. Since it’s hard to mess up the taste of the rice, the chefs often make sure to use a rock bottom that’s the perfect balance of firmness and softness. The result is a consistently delicious bowl of sushi that leaves patrons coming back for more.

Several Excellent Sushi Bars Throughout The City

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Don’t be surprised if you’re taken out of the sushi mood mid-meal. There are several excellent sushi bars throughout the city that serve up a variety of rolls, sashimi, kamaboko, and other delicious treats. Of course, there are also traditional Japanese dishes on the menu. Some of the more popular options include miso gyoza, tofu, news, and various tempura selections. You might also try miso soup, udon, and other interesting selections.

Kabukicho has a number of highly regarded restaurants. Many of the more traditional Japanese places can be found here. The downside is that since this is a large city, you’ll probably get lost trying to find something to eat. Try looking for signs for the various restaurants and ask for help if you need it. It’s not uncommon for them to be able to direct you to the location of the nearest sushi bar or place that will provide what you want.

The Rock Japanese Cuisine Also Offers Some Fun Treats

While the outside of most of these establishments may appear very simple, the inside can be a completely different story. The diners will have to experience some old-world charm to appreciate it. It starts with the delicious sake drink that’s offered in many varieties, such as green tea, black, white, and oolong. The high quality ingredients used in the making of these drinks along with the warm, rich flavor are ideal for enjoying a steaming cup of tea in the morning or afternoon. Sake also goes well with the steaming bowl of kaiseki, which is a bowl of multi-colored vegetables that are often served with a sweet dipping sauce.

Along with the great dishes, the rock Japanese cuisine also offers some fun treats. There are many sweet desserts available that include fruits, sugar-free cookies, and even ice cream. Some of the more unusual offerings include rock ketchup, rock tuna salad, and even rock corn. If you’re looking for something different to put into your bread, don’t be afraid to try items such as udon and tempura.


If you are in Tokyo and looking for a good place to enjoy your meals, then try kaiseki oden. It’s a wonderful plate of food that is prepared by the host and consists of several items including okay (Japanese flat noodles), shape (Japanese seaweed), and zucchini. This dish is truly a culinary delight, made to satisfy the craving of those who want to eat foods from all around the world. Kaiseki oden is one of many great things that you will find in the restaurants of Tokyo.

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