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5 Japanese Side Dishes You Must Try Out To Satisfy Your Taste Buds- Pacify Your Hunger

japanese side dishes

Side dishes always play a vital role in your Lunch & Dinner. The objective of a side dish is to balance out and Compliment your main dishes of the meal. It also soothes your stomach before entry of any heavy dishes.

Japan is always known for its nutritional and hygienic food. There are a plethora of Japanese side dishes to satisfy your taste buds. Tomato Ohitashi, Broccoli in sesame oil, Teriyaki tofu, Spicy bean are some of the classic Japanese side dishes.

The best part of these Japanese side dishes is they are rich in taste and nutritious at the same time.

In this blog, below covered are some of the best Japanese side dishes you should try out.

Different Classic Japanese Side Dishes You Must Try

Teriyaki Tofu

Japanese Food

Those who said that tofu is bland and boring should try out this recipe.

As tofu is rich in protein and contains a good amount of amino acids, it is one of the highly nutritious side dish ingredients used in Japan.

It is cooked with the simplest four ingredients, isn’t it amazing?

Slice up your tofu, add some soya sauce, add some cornstarch, a little pepper for kick, and a little oil; that’s all it’s done for one of the best tangy Japanese side dishes.

Broccoli Lighten With Sesame Oil

Japanese Food

As we know, Broccoli is full of antioxidants, loaded with fiber, and has lots of health benefits.

To keep Broccoli fresh and tasteful, it is lightened with sesame oil and salt, and I must say it taste yummy. You can also garnish it easily using your favorite sauce.

It is easy to prepare and sate your appetite.

Tomato Ohitashi

Tomato Ohitashi is a very refreshing and light appetizer for your stomach, and it is one of the most popular Japanese side dishes. 

The Tomatoes are soaked in dashi stock to give it Umami flavor, and it takes hardly 5 minutes to prepared, so the marination process along with soy sauce, a pinch of sugar, and salt as per taste will take some extra time. But I must say the marination is worth it as when you taste it, it will burst into your mouth with flavors.

Spicy Bean Sprout

This Japanese side dish is very popular as it is a side dish for ramen, but you can try it out with your Dinner. This dish is prepared with minimum effort and ingredients such as beans, soy sauce, spicy sesame oil, pepper, and salt.

The main part of this dish is that you can prepare in bulk and store it in the fridge for about 3-4 days.


Yakimeshi is fried rice of japan that is full of eggs and meat and seasoned with salt, pepper, soy sauce, and veggies.

It is the most nutritious and healthy side dish, but apart from the flavor, it also looks amazing on the plate due to its wonderful color variation.

Facts About Japanese Side Dishes

In Japan, “OKAZU” is the word used for Japanese side Dishes. In Japan, people are very particular about the side dishes as it plays a very important role in maintaining your digestive system. 

Japanese side dishes are light in nature and always accompanied by the main course. Japanese see food as part of the culture, and they always believe in the quality of food.


In Japan, food is always considered as a way of representing cultural heritage.

All the Japanese side dishes are rich in health benefits and very easy to prepare.

It is less time-consuming with the simplest ingredients. Japanese side dishes, along with the main cuisine, will create a feeling of fullness so that you won’t feel hunger for a longer period of time.

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