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5 Facts About Thai Food


Thai food is popular across the world, but many people do not know much about it. Regardless of whether you have relatives living in Thailand or you have lived there for some time, one thing that you will probably agree with is that Thai cuisine is fantastically delicious. While you can enjoy some varieties of Thai cuisine at the restaurants in your local area, you will not get the same version that you can find in Thailand. Whether you like noodle soup, carve fried skewers, or Thai green curry, there is always something for every individual in this beautiful country. If you are among those individuals who hardly have any idea of the Thai cuisine, go through the fantastic facts below:

5 Facts You Should Know About Thai Food

Four Seasonings Are Popular

Food varieties and recipes from Thailand are an ideal combination of four seasonings, and they are spicy, sour, salty, and sweet. Almost every dish in Thailand blends all these four tastes. Also, there is a lot of emphases laid on the significance of vegetables and fresh fruits, and this is highly evident in the curries that they serve. The desserts from this country come loaded with a lot of fruits.

Region-Specific Dishes

There are some local dishes in Thailand, and you will not be able to find them anywhere else. Many dishes in the country are created through certain recipes that have been provided by generations in different regions. This specifically means that if you adore a recipe from Southern Thailand, you might not be able to find it in Northern Thailand.

Baking Is Not Very Common

You will not find a microwave in the homes of Thai people. This is because baked recipes are not very common in this country. Grilled and fried meals and treats have made a huge impact on the taste buds of the Thais, and therefore, they do not pay much attention to baked products. If you are on the lookout of some carb-loaded, delicious baked foods, you will have to search extensively. And yes, you will also have to spend a big amount.

Highly Affordable

Thai cuisine is not just delicious but super cheap as well. Depending on the restaurant that you have chosen, you can expect to make a payment of around $35 for a tasty and large Thai meal. This is quite affordable, isn’t it? Also, the majority of the meals that do not cover noodles have rice as an option. Regardless of what you have ordered; one thing that you can remain assured of is complete satisfaction. You will be uncomfortably full!

5 Facts You Should Know About Thai Food

Thai Cuisine Is Traditional And Healthy

Traditional food from Thailand is not just scrumptious, but healthy at the same time. For example, Isaan food includes nothing fried. Majority of the dishes come loaded with fresh and raw vegetables served with almost everything. The dishes speak of fermented goodness. Thai cuisine has modernized over time, but the healthy factor in all the dishes has not been replaced by anything. Recipes in Thailand continue to remain healthy and tasty.

Thai food fans have a lot to learn about the cooking styles and the food varieties of the country. The proper information will help you love the cuisine more.

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