Dishes Served In Malaysian Restaurants -

Dishes Served In Malaysian Restaurants

4 Popular Dishes Served In Malaysian Restaurants

Malaysia is a country where you get to try different delicacies. It is Heaven for food lovers. There are some authentic dishes that you should never miss out on at the Malaysian restaurants. Have a word with any Malaysian abroad, and they will say that one thing that they miss about their native place is its food. The colors of food varieties available in the country are irresistible, let alone the aura and the aroma that come with them. People in this country are not crazy about formal settings in restaurants when it comes to having local food. Hence, if you are up for some gastronomical adventure with a simple backdrop, try these four Malaysian dishes at the right restaurants:

4 Popular Dishes Served In Malaysian Restaurants

Nasi Lemak

It is the national food of the country and a staple and every individual eats while being fond of it at the same time. Nasi Lemak is a comfort delicacy that is prepared in coconut milk along with other accompaniments. It is an aromatic rice recipe that includes rice prepared in coconut milk along with screwpine or pandan leaves. It is served with a paste made of chili and anchovies. The paste is called sambal, and it also includes peanuts and cucumber. Sometimes, the dish is even served with fried eggs or hard-boiled eggs. You can easily find this dish at any restaurant in Malaysia, and it can also be cooked at home. It has vegetarian versions as well.

4 Popular Dishes Served In Malaysian Restaurants


It is a simple dish that consists of meat chunks marinated with a combination of spices, lightly grilled, and skewered to perfection. You can use lamb, chicken, or beef meat in this recipe. It can be consumed alone or dipped into either sambal or spicy nut sauce.  You can do even both for the extra flavor. Whatever you do, the juiciness of meat will make you crave for more.

Nasi Dagang

No food lunch in Malaysia is complete without the inclusion of Nasi Dagang. It is a fantastically delicious preparation featuring rice steamed in good quality coconut milk, Solok Lada, fried shaved coconut, fish curry, vegetable pickles, and hard-boiled eggs. It is a popular breakfast recipe in areas like Kelantan and Terengganu. However, Kampung Ladang is the place that serves world famous Nasi Dagang.

Bak Kut Teh

It roughly means “meat bone tea.” But the fact is that there is no tea used as an ingredient in this famous soup recipe from Malaysia. The dish consists of pork ribs in combination with garlic, mushrooms, herbs, and tofu, all simmered for several hours and then consumed with noodles or rice. It is a fragrant soup that is quite filling and is generally consumed on rainy days and at late nights.

As has already been pointed out, Malaysia serves as a food haven with the food of the country, reflecting its motto, “Truly Asia.” The cuisine of Malaysia is a magical blend of Chinese, Indian, and Malay flavors. The good thing about Malaysian restaurants is that they can easily customize their dishes according to the preferences of their guests.

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