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4 Most Popular Asian Cuisines

4 Most Popular Asian Cuisine Across The World

From a long time, Asian cuisine has started to make their mark on globally, but during the last few years, its popularity has risen to a new level. Now almost all over the world, capital cities have Asian restaurants. You will find low street vendors as well as expensive eateries. It may be because the exotic flavors and spices of the Orient attract people to indulge in its delicacies.

4 Most Popular Asian Cuisine Across The World
4 Most Popular Asian Cuisine Across The World

Asian spices are very much demanding all over the world. Its demand spread some hundreds of years ago when Europeans started their journey to discover unknown lands. When the spices reached to the west, the tastes of their dish start to evolve. However, simplicity is the secret to Asian dishes, and that surprises people all over the world.

Top 4 Well-Known Asian Cuisine

Asia is the biggest continent with so many cultures, people, traditions, and taste for food. Various regions of Asia have a specific culture and with it the cuisine changes. Here are some of Asia’s popular cuisines that you would want to try out:

1. Chinese Cuisine

Do you know that almost every city across the world has a Chinatown? The restaurants in those places have foods that will make you go crazy. People fall for their excellent noodles, rice, soups, and preparations of various meats. You may know that different regions of China have a distinctive cuisine. Szechwan, Hunan, and Cantonese are not the people are called but are also their various cuisines.

2. Japanese Cuisine

4 Most Popular Asian Cuisine Across The World
4 Most Popular Asian Cuisine Across The World

Japanese food is healthy in Asian cuisine. The healthy, as well as aesthetically-pleasing dishes, attract a lot of people. In Japan, food is part of their culture. When a person tastes Japanese cuisine, he/she gets an idea about their culture and lifestyle.

The classic Japanese cuisine is delicious yet simple. The ingredients that are used are produced locally and grow seasonally. One can expect that they will get rice and seafood throughout the year as Japan produces rice. Also, there is an abundance of fish, seaweed, and shellfish in the sea.

3. Thai Cuisine

If you want to talk incoherently about your experience with spicy food, then Thailand is the place to visit. When you enter a Thai restaurant, you will get overwhelmed by the aroma of spices. Your senses will go crazy. Most dishes are prepared with varieties of vegetables and spices. Balancing vegetable with spices is the key element of Thai food. Thai people also serve plenty of side dishes that help to balance the richness of a few dishes.

4. Indian Cuisine

Most of the world, associate curry as Indian food. Other countries of Asia have taken a cue from the country about it spiciness. Indian food has a perfect balance of richness, spiciness, and it’s also varied. In India, there are various religions, and each of the regions has spicy cuisine of their own. The cuisines can be broadly classified as Northern and Southern part. Each part has its own twist of using herbs and spices in their distinct cooking style.
All these cuisines have different utensils all over Asia to cook their food; the only common thing is the use of herbs and spices. However, in most Asian countries, people eat with hand to feel the food while taking meals.

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